In our winter program we looked back at the past with a commission from Vermont composer, Roger Grow. This spring, we sang about connecting with the present moment, and included a commission from another Vermont composer, Kathy Wonson Eddy. This summer, we sing about the future joined by alumni singers and instrumentalists, followed by refreshments and conversation.

Please join our anniversary celebration of the past, present, and of future of our chorus.

Saturday, June 30th at 4:30pm at the First Congregational Church in Thetford, VT
No need to buy tickets. General admission ~ by donation.


  1. How Long, Dear Savior, O How Long?
    Jeremiah Ingalls
  2. Aeterne Verum Conditor
    Saint Ambrose
  3. Soon One Day
    Michael Sandvik
  4. We Are the Ones We Been Waiting For
    Bernice Johnson Reagon
  5. maggie and milly and molly and may
    Vincent Persichetti
  6. dominic has a doll
    Vincent Persichetti
  7. i am so glad and very
    Vincent Persichetti
  8. I Like the Sunrise
  9. Prayer at Sunrise (premier)
    Kevin Quigley
  10. Six Chansons_01 La Biche (The Doe)
    Paul Hindemith
  11. Six Chansons_02 Un Cygne (A Swan)
    Paul Hindemith
  12. Six Chansons_03 Puisque Tout Passe (Since All is Passing)
    Paul Hindemith
  13. Six Chansons_04 Printemps (Springtime)
    Paul Hindemith
  14. Six Chansons_05 En Hiver (In Winter)
    Paul Hindemith
  15. Six Chansons_06 Verger (Orchard)
    Paul Hindemith
  1. Sometime
    Bernice Johnson Reagon
  2. Every End is a Beginning (audience round)
    Valerie Miller
  3. Somebody's Knockin At Your Door (premier~ six variations)
    Dan Breslaw
  4. The paper reeds by the brooks
    Randall Thompson
  5. Hope is the Thing With Feathers
    Kenney Potter
  6. My Spirit is Uncaged
    Paul Rardin
  7. Bring Me Home
    Stuart Scott
  8. Fences
    Andre J. Thomas