~ Part One ~

  1. Once in Royal David's City
    C.F. Alexander and H.J. Gauntlett
  2. Remember O Thou Man
    Thomas Ravenscroft & Bob Chilcott
  3. When Christ Was Born of Mary Free
    John Gardner
  4. Moj rojstni kraj je Betlehem - My birthplace is Bethlehem
    Teja Merhar
  5. Es flog ein Taublein weise
    Johannes Brahms
  6. In the Bleak Midwinter
    Christina Rossetti, John A. Story and Abbie Betinis
  7. Look Back on Time with Kindly Eyes
    Emily Dickinson and Joseph Gregorio
  8. Sleigh Ride
    John Gardner
  9. Bozicno drevo - The Christmas Tree
    John Gardner




~ Part Two ~

  1. The Time of Snow
    Bob Chilcott
  2. Der Winter kalt ist vor dem Haus
    Johannes Eccard
  3. To Drive the Cold Winter Away
    Paul Gibson
  4. Ghost of the Past
    Charles Dickens and Roger Grow
  5. En Hiver - In Winter
    R.M. Rilke and Paul Hindermith
  6. Un Cygne - A Swan
    R.M. Rilke and Paul Hindermith
  7. Pusique tout passe - Since All is Passing 
    R.M. Rilke and Paul Hindermith
  8. Mary Had a Baby
    Roland Carter
  9. The First Noel
    English Traditional