The Thetford Chamber Singers is an amazing Upper Valley chorus that performs the widest set of repertoire imaginable. Join us for an inclusive message of hope and togetherness. Enjoy this Family-friendly concert.

This year’s program, The Journey, is all about growth. Looking towards life as a challenge and adventure, we begin with Henry Purcell’s “Come if You Dare!” With the fearlessness of a child engaged in energetic play, we dive into life ready for anything. Sweet Honey in the Rock’s setting of Gibran’s “On Children” reminds us as caretakers of these growers our job is not only to keep them safe, but to provide the room they need become who they are, not who we would wish them to be. Following those are three secular Amish songs, four pieces by contemporary, living composers (including James Taylor’s “That Lonesome Road”) that explore the introduction of doubt, fear, love, and what we might make of ourselves with their inclusion. We close the first half with the timely inclusion of Maurice Ravel’s “Trois Chansons” and a Crosby, Stills, Nash sing along.

The second half continues the adventure, but begins with a more cautions setting of Whitman by a young Ralph Vaughan Williams: “Toward the Unknown Region,” which climbs to a triumphant climax. Randall Stroope and Thomas Attwood turn our eyes towards living a life of service. Billie Holliday and John Parker bring us home with rousing sentiments of accomplishment and determination.

  1. Come if You Dare
    Henry Purcell
  2. On Children
    Ysaye M. Barnwell
  3. Three Amish Songs: I. Mi Vater isch a Chaaser Gsii
    Mark D. Templeton
  4. Three Amish Songs: II. Schloof, Bobbeli, Schloof
    Mark D. Templeton
  5. Three Amish Songs: III. Reide, Reidi, Geilli!
    Mark D. Templeton
  6. That Lonesome Road
    James Taylor
  7. Meditation on the Ocean
    Annie Beliveau
  8. i carry your heart with me
    Ben van Tienen
  9. Make Me an Instrument of Peace
    Shawn Kirchner
  10. Trois Chansons: IV. Nicolette
    Maurice Ravel
  11. Trois Chansons: V. Trois beaux oiseaux du paradis
    Maurice Ravel
  12. Trois Chansons-VI. Ronde
    Maurice Ravel
  13. Teach Your Children Well
    Graham Nash
  1. Toward the Unknown Region
    Vaughan Williams
  2. Omnia Sol
    Z. Randall Stroope
  3. Teach Me, O Lord
    Thomas Attwood
  4. God Bless the Child
    Billie Holiday
  5. Nothin' Gonna Stumble My Feet
    Greg Gilpin
  6. What Ca One Little Person Do? (sing-a-long)
    Sally Rogers